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7 Different Types of SEO in Digital Marketing

7 Types of SEO

White Hat SEO

A white SEO comprises techniques, plans, and ideas that are designed to target a particular group of people that are divergent to the search engine. The techniques involved in White SEO are working with Keywords, a little research, or explaining and jotting down Meta tags.

Black Hat SEO

A black hat SEOP is more concerned and diverted towards the search engine rather than focusing on human audiences. The techniques a black hat SEO implements are higher-level ranking engine search or breaking search engine rules. A black hat SEO is not related to long-term investment and it is ideal for the ones who are interested in short-term investment.

On-page SEO 

Also referred to as on-site SEO. This portion is concerned with improving web page content for the users of search engines. This also involves tackling URL, internal links, or optimizing tag links.

Global SEO

The name says it all. A global SEO is related to optimizing the content of the users for a large portion specifically the whole world. In this case, one has to create content that is available to different regions and is present in different languages as well.

Local SEO                                   

A local SEO is involved in improving the web page content to attract customers or businesses through local searches. These involve searches through Google.

Off-page SEO                             

Off-page optimization or techniques that are used or implemented are not related to the users’ websites. The techniques involved are different from on-page and are link building or related to media.

Technical SEO            

For the optimization or improvement of the packed and indexing part, we make use of technical SEO. Through the use of Technical SEO, we can aid access to search engines or index the websites without much hassle.