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Things You Need to Focus on While Creating a Logo For Your Brand

A brand logo is the corporate identity of a company, business, or shop. The logo should be simple and attractive but creating a simple logo is not that easy. Either you are running a large business or small, you just need a logo to build your identity. The right logo creates a sense of connection between the brand and consumers. A logo is not just about its display but it grabs the attention of current and potential customers. A logo must be simple and appealing. But Logo styles vary according to business content. A graphic designer must have good knowledge of fonts, typography, and graphic styles. He should study brand content, its services, and positioning before developing its logo.

Here we will discuss some important points that every designer should keep in mind.

Explore the Brand

Before designing a logo you must study the brand thoroughly. Keep in mind that a logo must reach its particular set of people which is the target audience of that brand. So study brand values, its ideology, and the services they provide to their consumers. Find out what they hold for the future. This information will serve you as a guide to create an inspirational logo for the brand. A logo should make a good and long-lasting impression on consumers.

Use Colors in Proper Way

Every color has its meaning. Colors play an important role in determining a brand’s nature. For example, if you use red color in your logo it depicts aggression, passion, and energy. It targets the youth. Just like that blue shows a sense of intelligence and togetherness. The logo of Facebook is blue which is a social and informative app. Every color evokes an emotion which becomes a message for target customers.

Pick Fonts Carefully

Fonts tell about the personality of the brand. But many designers ignore typefaces and just focuses on graphic styles. For example, if you own a toy company then most typefaces use for toy brands are handwritten fonts. It captures more attention of people, especially of children. Similarly, if you are creating a music brand logo, pick bold fonts, and create a strong brand impression. Use unique and custom fonts, logos such as coca-cola is a good example of custom fonts.

Choose Appropriate Type of Logo

Choose a logo type according to your brand impression. If you want that your company name should be visible and easy to mesmerize then use logotypes or wordmark logos. They are the most simple and attractive logotypes. But if you chose a symbolic or pictorial logo it will require a lot of effort in building your brand identity first. You can also consider a combination logo that includes both text and shapes.

Keep it Simple

Experts say “ keep your logo simple and catchy “ But creating a simple logo is very tough. When we say simple it implies that the logo must contain only 1 or 2 basic colors and few letters with decent graphic style.

If it contains too many confusing colors and fonts the message will be not clear in the viewer’s mind.

Keep in mind that simple logos are easy to mesmerize and easily become part of memory. Therefore, many business companies keep their logos short and simple.

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