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A Complete Guide on Choosing Best Logo Type For Your Brand

Best Logo Type For Your Brand

Psychology says; the First impression is the last

This is what marketers believe in too. A brand logo is the corporate identity of a company, business, or shop. Either you are running a large business or small, you just need a logo to build your identity. The right logo creates a sense of connection between the brand and consumers. A logo is not just about its display but it grabs the attention of current and potential customers. A logo must be simple and appealing. But Logo styles vary according to business content. There are different types of logos that designers use.

Here we discuss the 5 most important and basics types of logos.

Wordmark Logo

Wordmark is also called logotype. It is just text-based that simply focuses on the company’s full name. It doesn’t include any graphic style, it just simplified with classic fonts. Designers use some classified unique fonts for wordmark logos. Google’s logo is the best example of wordmark logos. Wordmark is a good option if you have a small business name, but in case you have long brand names then you go for other logo categories.

Pictorial Logo

A pictorial mark is a symbol, icon, and picture-based logo. It represents a brand when you talk about a company a specific image comes to your mind that is a pictorial logo. Let’s do a practical; what happens when someone says Twitter or apple? A picture of a bird and an apple pop up in your mind. So these are pictorial marks. There is no strict rule to use pictorial log it’s only up to you. If you want to make your brand image and you work globally with different niches then a pictorial log is best to type for your business.

Lettermark or Monogram Logo

Letter marks are only logos that consists of alphabets of the brand name’s initials.  Most companies with long brand names use letter marks to make it easier for customers to recognize them. Take an example of McDonald’s logo. It only has the alphabet M. Take a look at IBM, CNN, and HBO logos. When you choose letter mark logos make sure that your designers know a lot about good typography and appealing fonts.

Abstract Logos

Somehow abstract logos come in the pictorial category. But it has the use of geometric shapes or abstract ideas. Adidas and Pepsi are known for their abstract logos. Abstract logos are very complex and take time to build recognition. They are good to use when you have work in more than one industry.

Mascot Logos

As the name says; mascot logos are not symbols but include illustrated or animated characters. Mascot logos work as ambassadors of your brand especially when you are doing holistic marketing. Food companies. sports and service companies usually use this type of logo. It can be easily familiarised with the audience. Remember the logo of KFC, it is a good example of mascot type.

Combination Mark Logo

A combination is a mixture of pictorial and wordmark type. In this type, you can play with pictures and text. You can integrate them, take them side by side, and so on. It is the most common and widely used type of logos. Because it is very simple in looks and easy to remember. Some famous combination types are burger king, adobe, Doritos, and Mastercard.