Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is important for every agency. Every agency tries its best to gather the most relevant and up to date information. And privacy policy is mentioned to help our clients understand how the information was gathered and delivered to our clients. 


It involves all personal data which is extracted by the employees, business owners, or business partners.

Definition of terms 

The following terms must be understood

  • Affiliate is the partner who advertises
  • Customer involves a website company with which the audience come across and communicate. 
  • The registered user is the one who visits the services promoted by the business community
  • Third-party content the content-related data and work which is gathered by the content writers and is then published for the audience.

Information we collect 

The following data is taken by every user who becomes consistent with the design services

  • name or user name
  • contact details
  • address to be precise
  • password
  • country living in
  • job title
  • industry
  • information regarding the user services
  • packages are given to the users
  • location
  • time zone
  • others 

How to use information that we collect

The personal information is taken for the following purposes

  1. To provide support 

Yes, that’s right the personal information is taken to provide support and respond to the interests and requests of the clients. 

  • To provide information based on your needs

Personal data is used to keep the clients up to date with new products or provide information regarding clients’ requests.

  • To provide online forums

The personal information provided to the websites helps the clients to take an active part in collaborating discussions or post comments. Some of the services that are involved are used for solving technical issues.

  • To improve quality 

The personal information gathered helps the websites to improve quality as well as quantity-wise.

Disclosure of personal information

The personal information you gave to the websites you admire or use consistently helps you to participate in some activities. This information lets the website officials improve further content. Sometimes while taking part in a webinar or while downloading a white paper your contact information is forward or taken by the webinar or white paper sponsor. Both may contact you to give further information regarding their products and services. 

How can you control your information? 

As discussed above personal information is used for presenting more services and products to the viewer. But if the user is not interested in giving personal information then they need not register themselves with the website. Though they will be able to see and buy certain products but further and additional details will not be given to them. 

Technical issues 

The online agencies also use the information about how you use certain products and why you choose these. It also gives information regarding the devices used and also gives information regarding the IP addresses of the visitors.