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Afalogodesigns is Pakistan’s leading Social Media Marketing (SMM) agency, offering variety of SMM services that can help your brand grow and generate leads on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

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Improve your Online Presence with Social Media Marketing

In these competitive times, it’s important for businesses to have some competitive advantage over their competitors, and Social Media Marketing provides you just that. With the help of our SMM services business can increase their brand awareness, get new customers, and generate more traffic on their websites.

Our Social Media Services Can Help You Grow

Our Social Media Marketing Process

Assigning an SMM strategist to your account

We will assign the client an SMM strategist who will be their main contact. The strategist will analyze the client’s business and develop a social media strategy to solve their main concerns. The client can also get in touch with the strategist via call or email.

Developing an SMM strategy

In this stage, the strategist will conduct research and develop a social media strategy for the client. The strategist will research the client’s business, target market, and competitor. After analyzing all this data, now the strategy is developed. This strategy includes all the advertising strategies and details of the social media campaign that will take place.

Execute an SMM strategy

Now we begin executing the social media campaign. We develop engaging social media posts, which are unique and evoke a response. All the posts require approval from the client. Nothing is done without the client’s permission. To make the whole process easier for the client we can even prepare a monthly calendar for content so that the client can approve the content in advance.

Maintaining and Growth

The most important step of having a successful social media strategy is to maintain it. Our SMM service includes daily management of social media activities. We monitor different social media platforms and respond to messages and comments within 24 hours. Along with that to optimize growth we use different methods of organic growth such as hashtags, contests, collaborations, etc.

Reporting Progress

By the end of every month the client will get a report to review the activity of the social media campaign. It will include details of the progress made in the month, strategies used, and more. Clients can also conduct meeting with the strategist on weekly basis to discuss the progress of the campaign.

Pricing to fit your needs

Pricing Plans

We have best pricing plans according to your requirements. We target different audience and provide them true value for money plans.

Note: Facebook boosting is not included in the mentioned cost, Ask sales team for facebook boosting.

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