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Thank you ladies and gentlemen for showing interest. Well, what I’m going to talk about today is a web design and the process that we are going to found in Pakistan. We all know why we use web designs. Well, we can use these web designs for both personal and business purposes.

Everyone is in the race to flourish and their business online because covid has taken control and businesses nowadays are online-based. So if you wish to flourish your business you must thoroughly choose something eye-catching, unique, will attract a huge audience, and most importantly it’s within your pocket!

Well, the cost of web designs in our country ranges from 20k to 90k. But that relies on the fact that how much appealing and attractive you want your web designs and their content.

If you sit, open your laptop, and do a little research you will find three basic packages of web design with price and features associated with it. Let’s start.

1. The basic web design package

  • The price of this basic package is 39-40k in Pakistani rupees.
  • it involves a custom web design which is an environment-friendly one
  • It usually involves 1 or two basic pages and the time it takes to complete a single page is you can say 3 to 5 days.
  • you are allowed one revision only
  • you can place custom graphics
  • can have a query or forum page
  • You can create one creative concept and the fun part is you can have a free consultation before you start using the package. And that’s a good point.

2. Standard package

  • It is the most popular and commonly used package with many features just for 90k. and that’s not a lot
  • this design involves custom web designs
  • and you can add custom graphics with it
  • As compared to basic in this you can achieve 1 to 5 web pages which can take 2 to 3 days to complete.
  • you can have up to 2 revisions which is a plus factor as compared to the basic package
  • you have all multimedia support in this case
  • Well, you can have free consultation but with free domain registration.
  • you can have a 100% down payment or advance

3. Premium design

This is a little too costly around 119k but this package comes with tremendous features

  • cost is already mentioned it is 119k
  • the design like the rest is custom web design which means you can add custom graphics
  • it provides 1 to 20 web pages which is a lot but it is done within the same period as the standard package which is 2 to 4 days
  • You can have two creative contents and up to five revisions. that’s worth it
  • you can have a free consultation and free domain registration
  • you can have multimedia support and can have a 50% down payment
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